Car Key Copy Portland OR

Car Key Copy Portland OR

Just because you still have an existing car key does not mean that you don’t need a car key copy made. In fact, having a pair of car keys available to you is the smartest way to ensure that you have a back up when and if you accidentally lock yourself out or when the older key stops working accurately.

I’ve heard a few stories about people being stranded and also having to get a car key make because their key finally worn down far enough so that it no longer started the vehicle. These situations can definitely often be avoided if the key holder paid attention to the keys and noticed the worn, visible cracks.

If you want to avoid this scenario or are actually already living it, there is a way to manage the situation. What is necessary is that you contact your local, professional Portland locksmith and ask for a car key copy.

Car Key Copy Locksmith Portland

You will need to provide some sort of proof that you are the owner of the vehicle by providing your title and registration along with a form of identification. Once this has been confirmed with the vehicles VIN data, the locksmith will be able to produce a working car key copy to your vehicle.

Car key copy might need programming

When a car key duplication is made, the Portland locksmith needs to cut it to exact specifications and then will most likely have to program the key to the specifications for your type of car. The programming of the key enables the key to “speak with” the computer system of your car in order to confirm that the car should start and allow the driver to leave. Transponder car key is a form of car security designed by auto makers so that no unauthorized person can take your vehicle.

Our mobile automotive locksmith technicians carry keys to almost all makes of vehicles so that when we receive a call from a customer for a car key copy, we are able to quickly accommodate them. The procedure of creating an effective and working key to a car will most likely take about an hour and then you will be able to go on your merry way kicking the dust behind you.

When you call an insured and certified Portland locksmith you can be certain that your car key will work perfectly.


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