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How do I know which lock to choose for my door?

When it comes to door lock installation service, the first thing you as a client need to determine is what type of lock would be best for the door in order to protect your home. Some homeowners will do their own research. However, the best option is consulting a professional locksmith Portland technician who has the knowledge to help you choose the right lock for your home.

Whether if you plan on having one lock or two as part of the installation service, we recommend first considering a deadbolt type. A deadbolt is a much better security option than a traditional door knob. Most locks are graded by the level of reliability and durability. We normally recommend getting a grade 2 or 1 depending on your budget and security needs.

Will having a door lock installation damage the door?

If you call a professional Portland locksmith for the service, most likely there won’t be any damage to the door during the process. If a fresh installation is needed, then a locksmith will use specialty tools to drill accurate holes for the locks to be installed. However, the process should not cause any damage to the door.

The importance of having a residential locksmith conduct the door lock installation service is crucial. There are many parts involved in the process that could potentially lead to a damaged door if not done in a professional manner. If you don’t hire a professional such as NorthWest Locksmith Portland to do the job, you will be risking damage to the door.

Locksmith Portland door lock installation service

How long will the door lock installation service take?

For such procedure, the time may change depending on the type of project and other factors. The first factor would be the material your door is made of. If the door is made of steel (uncommon), the process will most likely take longer than it would be with a wooden door. However, even with wooden doors, you will encounter different thickness levels.

In most homes, you will find wooden doors. The other factor will depend  on the need for fresh installation or not. This means holes would need to be made in such case. There could also be the possibility that the existing holes would need to be modified to accept the new door lock.

If the homeowner will opt to have a door lock installation service using a simple knob lock, the time frame will be different. The procedure will be short in comparison to installation of a deadbolt additionally in order to make the door more secure.

Why would a door lock installation service be required?

Such procedure should happen if you care about the security of your home as well as protecting your belongings and investments. Going through a door lock installation service will make sure the home is properly secured. When you contact a home locksmith, be sure to go over all the options possible in order to choose the right lock for the door you have at home.