When Commercial Lock Repair Portland Is Needed

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Commercial door locks are durable and reliable but just like most mechanical elements, they will not last a lifetime. However, it is reasonable to assume that different situations which may result in damage to a commercial door lock, will certainly reduce its expected lifespan. In such case where a commercial door lock will not function properly because of damage, it should be inspected for a commercial lock repair by a professional locksmith Portland company. There are common scenarios which will indicate the lock would be in need of a commercial lock repair.

Locksmith Portland commercial lock repair

Common causes for commercial lock repair

Seized up door lock

The most common issue with commercial door locks or locks in general is the risk of seizing. You insert the key into the lock in an attempt to unlock it, but the cylinder will not turn. Almost as you were using the wrong key to operate it. While it is possible to prevent such scenario from happening in most cases with some regular maintenance, it is fairly difficult to resolve once it has occurred. Attempting to force the key in order to operate the lock will soon turn out as a big mistake. Further damage to the lock will most likely happen. 

One of the main reasons for a door lock to seize is dirt and contaminants that build up over time inside the cylinder. Before calling a commercial locksmith, there are several things you can try in order to remedy the situation. Lubricating the keyway of the cylinder would be the first thing to try in order to free some of the dirt inside the lock. A cotton bud can also be used as a way to attract the dirt from inside the lock. If none of the attempts were successful, contact your local locksmith in Portland for a commercial lock repair service.

Frozen door lock

During the winter months in the Portland area, it can get pretty cold. Sometimes, it may affect many things that are subjected to these cold weather conditions. A door lock is a good example that can be affected by the weather and may freeze. If you find yourself coming to your work place in the morning only to find out the lock is frozen, you can try doing the following before calling an expert locksmith. Heating up the key using a lighter or some sort of a heating element and then inserting it into the lock may just solve your problem. However, if the problem persist, it could be that the situation may call for a professional commercial lock repair service.

Malfunction door lock components

As previously mentioned, door locks have limited lifespan no matter the lock brand and regardless of the grade level, or weather it is a residential or a commercial door lock. In a case where the lock is not functioning properly, it usually means that the mechanical components of the lock could be at fault. Whether if it is because of the age of the lock or because it was tampered with recently, both can contribute to the problem. 

Regardless of the situation, this type of issue will normally require a commercial lock repair by a professional locksmith. On some cases, you can opt to have the lock replaced. However, when it comes to commercial door locks, such option can turn out to be expensive. So having it repaired by your local locksmith in Portland would normally be more cost effective.

Picked door lock

If your business property has been subjected to a break-in attempt, it is possible the lock was tampered with. The intruders may have used some sort of a lock manipulation method and tools in order to break into the property. If this is suspected to be true then most likely the door lock got damaged in the process. When in doubt, call a professional such as NorthWest Locksmith Portland to come and inspect the lock for possible damage and the need for service. After all, you don’t want to put the security and safety of your employees at risk.