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Here at NorthWest Locksmith Portland we understand that some locksmith services are needed as soon as possible. With our emergency locksmith Portland OR services, we guarantee you fast and friendly solution to your unfortunate situation. Locking emergencies can happen all the time. That is why our company fully staffed with on call mobile technicians that are working 7 days a week all year around including holidays as well. All of our technicians are trained to handle any type of emergency locking situation and will be able to provide you with a solution in a fast and timely manner.

Lock Change / Lock Rekey – Normally, services such as having new lock installation, lock change, or a lock rekey can be considered as standard. However, there will be time when you might experience a break-in attempt, or you might even suspect a stranger have a key to your home or business.

In these types of situations it is recommended making an emergency call to a professional locksmith in Portland OR immediately in order to provide an immediate solution to your particular predicament you are in. Our mobile technicians are trained to handle these types of situations and are fully equipped with products and specialty tools to get the job done for you on the spot.

Emergency locksmith in Portland OR

Lockout Services – Being locked out can be a very frustrating experience at times. It may occur in multiple ways such as getting locked out of your home, car, or business. Being locked out can happen from several reasons such as misplacing or losing your keys, or just forgot them inside your home, business, or vehicle while locking and closing the door behind you. Our mobile Portland locksmith technicians will travel to your location anywhere you are experiencing your emergency situation and provide you with a solution in a matter of minutes. Our technicians are fully equipped with the right tools for the job, so they will get you inside your home, business, or car without causing any damage to your property.

Whether if you’ve accidentally locked out of your car, or lost your keys risking being late for work, we can help. You accidentally lost your house keys and want your locks changed after business hours so you can feel safe at night, we will help you with that as well. In any type of an emergency situation whether it would residential, commercial, or automotive, we will provide you with an immediate and quality locksmith service anywhere you are in the greater Portland metro area.


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