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Have you lost your car keys and are finding yourself needing a replacement key? An automotive locksmith in Portland will be able to do a car key make for the majority of vehicles on the road today.

A newer type of key also known as a ‘laser cut key’. This key has a rectangular blade with a wavy groove that is recognizable from both sides of the auto key. A laser cut key is made by utilizing a special key cutting machine intended specially for laser cut car keys. Laser cut keys have an ability to open the doors and trunk of a vehicle, but it will be unable to start it. If you need your new laser cut key to start your vehicle as well, you will need to have the locksmith do a transponder key programming.

Transponder car key make

Assuming your existing or new key made is a transponder key, it will be a smart idea to also purchase a basic key as a backup. The backup key would be able to at least unlock the doors in your car in case of a car lockout and won’t cost as much as a transponder key.

Portland locksmith transponder laser cut car key make
Locksmith Portland laser cut key make

All transponder keys come equipped with a small chip that is located at the bow of the key. The bow is the part that you hold onto when you insert the key into a lock. One way to tell if your key has a transponder chip is if it has a plastic casing at the bow, if so, you’ve got a transponder. The chip that is found within this key can be programmed in order to send and receive signals from the automobile. This is why you must have the key programmed to your specific vehicle.

The necessary key programming is what makes a transponder key cost more than a basic car key make. For that higher cost, you will be able to start your car. Programming a key by a professional locksmith in Portland is completed depending upon the year, make and model of your car. 

Buying a spare key now rather than later will spare you time and that anxious feeling that arises from not having a way to access your vehicle. NorthWest Locksmith Portland should be able to work with you and come up with an agreeable time frame to have the job performed for you in a timely manner.