Portland Locksmith Lock Brands That Are Reliable

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When the time comes to purchase a new lock, you may come to realize that there are so many choices. However, the answer of what they can provide you might still be in question. Not all locks are created equally. Different lock brands and models have specific features designed for certain situations. It is not as if you can walk into the store and grab the first or the prettiest lock that you encounter.

When trying to make a decision concerning a lock purchase, it is necessary to think about where the lock will be mounted. Will it be securing a home, a retail establishment, a shed or a hospital? Most importantly, understand the amount of security that you expect from the lock. The best way making a decision most times is to consult a professional such as NorthWest Locksmith Portland.

Among the popular lock brands

Schlage – You can find both keyless entry and keyed locks offered by this manufacturer. This industry leader brand offers security solutions for both home and business properties. This brand is also recommended by all professional Portland locksmith companies. If you are looking for security locks that are highly tamper resistant, this industry leader has the Schlage Primus and the Schlage Everest.

Portland locksmith lock brands
Locksmith Portland corbin russwin lock brands

Kwikset – From all the lock brands available, this would be the perfect one offering standard grade level locks. Kwikset locks are best for residential, rental properties and businesses where you would change the locks due to employee turnover or tenants moving in or out. It is one of the most popular popular brand that is regularly being provided by companies such as NorthWest Locksmith Portland

Baldwin – Baldwin locks are known for their attractiveness and outstanding security. With a large, impressive line of home security solutions that encompasses levers, knobs, keyless entries, pocket door locks, and deadbolts.

Lock brands that offer high level of security

Corbin/Russwin – If you are looking for strength and durability that is commercial grade, then the Corbin/Russwin family of locks is for you. Furthermore, they have an impressive line of exit devices that are engineered to withstand a high volume of use. Their attractive yet sturdy structure makes them an excellent choice for institutional environments including healthcare facilities, schools, and hotels. They come highly recommended by many commercial locksmith companies in Portland.

Sargent – Another leader in security, Sargent locks are used in some of the most demanding environments including schools, hospitals and behavioral health facilities. If you are looking for a good, secure, durable locking system for your business, then Sargent would be a great solution to start with.

Medeco – There are at least ten locking systems under the Medeco brand that carry the Certified Environmental Facts (CEF) multi-attribute certification. If you are looking for a green, environmentally friendly locking system you are sure to find one in the Medeco family of locks.