The Reason Behind Automotive Key Programming

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If you recently got a key replacement, you may be wondering why it opens all of the car doors but doesn’t work when you insert it into the car’s ignition. The reason why is because some keys have to go through automotive key programming before they are able to be use for starting the vehicle. These keys are known as transponder chip keys. Once a key has been cut for your vehicle by an automotive locksmith in Portland, the next step would be to have it programmed. 

Why automotive key programming is necessary 

Having keys which require programming is an added security measure that is meant for proper user verification. In other words, it would make it difficult on someone who is looking to steal your car, do it successfully. Even if a person is able to get a copy of your key, without having it programmed to the vehicle, it is useless. The way these types of keys work is very simple.

locksmith Portland automotive key programming
Portland locksmith automotive key programming

To start with, the chip inside the car key sends a signal that communicates with the car’s computer. As a side note, a transponder does not require any battery power as it is energized when inserted into your vehicle’s ignition. However, you may run into transponder keys that do have batteries too. 

Once the car key sends a coded signal, the transceiver within the car takes note of whether it is the correct signal coming from the transponder. If there is no signal or it is incorrect, the car will not start. Again, automotive key programming will enable your car to start where a key without proper programming, will only open the car doors and trunk.

The procedure of automotive key programming

When an automotive locksmith performs automotive key programming, he utilizes a unique key code. This code is produced by the vehicle’s manufacturers when the car is new. This card contains a unique code which is normally concealed below a scratch strip, so only the owner of the vehicle should be able to see it. The dealership and automotive Portland locksmith companies will normally require this code so they would be able to program the key’s transponder chip to the vehicle.