What Are The Best Ways For Securing Your Home

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Did you know that most residential homes have standard, run-of-the-mill locks that can be easily bypassed by any burglar with little practice or knowledge? Did you know that most locks can be softly shoved to the side by a flimsy credit card providing thieves simple access to what you value most in your home? This is why when it comes to securing your home, it is important to contact a professional locksmith such as NorthWest Locksmith Portland.

Contact a locksmith for securing your home

When you meet with your local Portland locksmith about the options you have to securing your home, a wide range of options will be available to satisfy your personal home security needs. A locksmith in Portland knows about the different grades of locks, the various security features they may possess and where certain locks would work best.

If you think about it, an expert locksmith spends a good portion of his day getting into everyone’s locked up houses and cars without a key. That is why it makes sense to believe that he knows what good security is. So contacting a locksmith today will help you be safe and secure in your home tomorrow.

Portland locksmith securing your home
Locksmith Portland securing your home with double sided deadbolt

The best locks for securing your home

Every locksmith in Portland knows that for the most efficient home security, it is a good idea to install double cylinder deadbolts onto each exterior door. This assists in ensuring that burglars are unable to turn the lock as a result of breaking the window next to your door. With a double cylinder deadbolt, you will need a key to use on the exterior and the interior side of the door to unlock or lock.

It is definitely a great idea to consider strength when purchasing locks for securing your home. Forced entry (breaking windows, drilling through locks or breaking doors for example) is one of the most common ways in which an intruder uses to gains access into homes. There are various locks out there to combat forced entry such as a jamb-enforcer or a spin collar. Your local locksmith in Portland will surely know of more choices that are available and can fit your door.

It is also always good to ask your Portland locksmith about the possibility of lock installation or rekeying your current locks with security pins. This enhanced security feature will make key-bumping, lock-picking and a variety of other lock bypass techniques to become much more difficult. When you move into a new house, the locks are usually the same locks the previous owners used and chances are they still have at least one copy of the key by mistake. Change or rekey your locks so that you are certain that your family, and only your family, have such personal access.

Give yourself the chance to feel secure within your home. With all of the options available for securing your home, it would be beneficial to take advantage of them.