Do Not Duplicate Keys Portland OR

Do Not Duplicate Keys Portland OR


On the off chance that you have in your possession a key to your business or place of work which has the stamp “Do Not Duplicate” on it, you may think about whether if it is really possible to have a copy of that key made.


For the most part, there are two different types of keys in the market: Unrestricted and restricted. Unrestricted keys are normally available at every place that you can have a key duplicated such as the local hardware store. Restricted type of keys can only be found at a professional locksmith Portland shops.


Restricted Do Not Duplicate Keys


Restricted keys are generally stamped with the words “Do Not Duplicate”. On the off chance that you buy such key from a locksmith Portland, you will be able to go back to the same commercial locksmith in order to have more duplicates. However, initially, this does not considered as duplicating a key. The commercial locksmith will originate those restricted keys by utilizing what’s known as a code machine. Lock manufacturers who offer “Do Not Duplicate” keys such as Schlage for example, have different protocols in order to determine if the customer is authorize to have the key duplicated before actually cutting it. Restricted keys are protected by patent law in the United States and are subjected to fines for unauthorized duplication.

Restricted Do Not Duplicate Keys Portland OR

Unrestricted Do Not Duplicate Keys


Unrestricted type keys are at times stamped “Do Not Duplicate”. Just as the name implies unrestricted, initially the lock manufacturer will not have any control over whether they will be duplicated or not. A local hardware store that might carry such type of key may duplicate it without confirming authorization. However, some places especially Portland locksmith shops, will decline to copy them period. What this means is that those keys are not protected by any law.


On the off chance that you have a key stamped with “Do Not Duplicate” and are in needs of duplicates, you will have to contact the same commercial locksmith that made you those keys originally or installed the locks which are connected to those keys and find out information about the procedure required to confirm authorization to acquire extra keys.


In the event that you own an unrestricted “Do Not Duplicate” key, it is most likely that you will be able to get it duplicated somewhere. If you go to a commercial locksmith Portland shop, the locksmith will first verify whether the key is unrestricted or not. If the key has a side cut to it, it will most likely be a restricted key which cannot be duplicated by a standard duplication machine. However, if your key do not consist of a side cut but only has the “Do Not Duplicate” key stamped on it, it is most likely an unrestricted key that can be duplicated.

Unrestricted Do Not Duplicate Keys Portland

If the locksmith determined it is an unrestricted key, the only thing that would be a factor that may prevent its duplication is the fact that it has the words “Do Not Duplicate” on it. In such situation, you will have only couple of options. The first one would be to go between locksmith shops or local hardware store until you’ll find someone that would be willing to do the duplication without going through the verification process. The second would be tracing in what locksmith shop the key was originated and present all the necessary proof to get it duplicated.


Are Do Not Duplicate Keys secure?


There are many other ways in which people can go around by having unrestricted “Do Not Duplicate” keys duplicated. That is why most locksmiths will tell commercial property owners that these types of keys are not an effective method of security because it does not offer any true sense of security.


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