Portland Locksmith Lock Installation


Locksmith Portland lock installationHomeowners should go through the new lock installation process because their homes are valuable assets and investments. As such they want to make sure that their homes are as secure as possible. Installing locks on new doors in your home is an essential part of making sure that your home is safe. Proper locks will ensure that your security functions properly. Due to the fact that there are so many different ways for doors to be bypassed, it is important that homeowners pay close attention to the locks they choose for their doors.


Choosing the right home security locks for your new door is a process that requires time and thought. We suggest that homeowners use ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Grade 1 Locks on the exterior doors of their homes. We suggest Grade 1 locks because they offer more resistance to intruders and they have longer lifespan than other grade locks.


If your new lock installation is carried out by a professional locksmith in Portland OR, then there will definitely be no damage caused to your door. A locksmith will have to drill the necessary holes in your door so that they can continue with the new lock installation, but this should not damage your door. It is important to make sure that your new lock installation is carried out by a professional because there are many parts of the installation process that could lead to a damaged door if it is not carried out properly.


Portland locksmith new lock installMost door lock’s has the same basic components. There is a bolt that extends from the lock in order to fit into the strike. A deadbolt is resistant to brute force because it can take on more force so it will not easily be pried free. There is a strike located in the door frame. And almost every lock set comes with a strike plate. However, not every strike plate is the most secure option for your lock. Most strike plates are only there as a necessity and not as a security feature so it is best to use a high-security grade strike plate that has a reinforced plate and long screws to ensure it is deeply set into the framing of the wall. Consider: the type of material a door is made of determines its strength, just like the quality of the bolt within a lock is a major factor in the strength of your lock.


To have assistance deciding upon the perfect lock for your property call on a residential locksmith. They will install the lock for you and make you some keys to pair with it. You will have a strongly secured area in no time.


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