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The benefits that arise from owning a vehicle also come with a detriment; the consequence of experiencing issues with it. If you are encountering difficulties starting your car, there may be an issue with the ignition switch and there may be a need to call a professional locksmith in Portland for an ignition service.

An ignition switch provides power to a vehicle’s entire electrical system as well as to the fuel and ignition systems. Another valuable piece of information about an ignition switch is that it houses a locking mechanism for theft prevention. When the ignition of a vehicle is properly starting up the vehicle and igniting the fuel to enable the vehicle to run, it goes through a complex but simple procedure. The ignition coil takes some power straight from the car’s battery and then it relays that power over to the spark plugs. This process happens in order to also ignite the fuel and enable your vehicle to run.

When should you need an ignition service

The major symptom of a problematic ignition switch is when the vehicle fails to start. Another common occurrence is when the vehicle stalls once it has been running on idle. The irritating bit about these symptoms though is that they are also symptoms of a list of other auto issues. More information is usually needed in order to know positively what problem we are really dealing with.

Portland locksmith ignition service
Locksmith Portland ignition service

Another common symptom is when the ignition switch starts to overheat. If the ignition switch feels hot to the touch, there are wires overreacting and arching, so they won’t connect accurately. This will happen by warping and having an overabundance of energy. An overheating ignition switch should be managed by a professional such as NorthWest Locksmith Portland in order to decrease risk of an electrical fire in the dashboard.

If you are running errands and the car suddenly dies, you may have a worn out ignition switch. Hot ignitions and sudden bumps or turns may create a loss of current inside of the switch momentarily. This will cause the engine to stumble or die. The more often you take the keys in and out of the ignition, the more likely the electrical contacts inside it will become worn or corroded. It is the overuse that creates poor or intermittent electrical contact. A heavy key ring that is used with the key will often ensure the ignition will wear faster needing an ignition service.

If you are dealing with a faulty switch, it will need to be replaced. This work requires labor of completely disassembling the steering column and most likely disconnecting the airbag just for access. Additionally, it’s important that the ignition tumbler and the switch are never removed at the same time because it can damage the steering column. An ignition service is a careful job to be performed by your local automotive locksmith in Portland.