Auto Broken Key Extraction What You Need To Know

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Auto broken key extraction is normally required when a key is broken off within a lock. In the event that you break your key off in the ignition cylinder of your car, you may or may not have to replace the ignition cylinder. There are several factors that will determine this outcome. It depends on upon how far the broken pieces are within the cylinder. If the key piece is close enough to the point where it can be extracted without damaging any other components, then our professional locksmith should be able to resolve the situation without replacing components. 

When more than auto broken key extraction is needed

In a different scenario, if the key broke off deep within the ignition cylinder, there is a chance damage to the cylinder has occurred. This would mean that the ignition cylinder would need to be replaced, as well as a new auto key made. Our Portland locksmith that attends to your service call will assess the situation and help you proceed with the necessary steps.

Auto broken key extraction Portland locksmith
Locksmith Portland auto broken key extraction

With a professional locksmith in Portland providing the service of an auto broken key extraction, it should take between 20-35 minutes. Please keep in mind that the time it takes is very much based upon the location of the broken key inside the ignition cylinder. It is important to leave the broken auto key extraction to an insured and certified locksmith. If this important task is left to an unqualified individual, you increase the chances of damaging your car locks or the ignition cylinder.

The need for auto broken key extraction

Many people think that it is uncommon for car keys to break, but it is actually an occurrence that happens all the time. Keys are accidentally broken by their owners due to three main reasons.

  • Regular use wear and tear. We all know that anything that is old or used enough will begin to wear down.
  • Applying too much pressure. If you feel like the key is not operating the cylinder as it suppose to, applying pressure should be stopped immediately. It could be that the keyway  of the door lock or ignition cylinder are in need of some WD-40.
  • Debris and dust within the car lock or ignition cylinder.


Now you know that in order to prevent a broken key scenario, you need to start keeping areas around keyways cleaned. Being cautious and cognizant with your keys will save you a lot of hassle. If you need to have a car key extraction, you may contact NorthWest Locksmith Portland.