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Are you tired of having so many keys to keep track of and organize? If you own or manage a property that utilizes many keys, you can consider having a locksmith in Portland produce a master key system for your locks.

In a work place, you may have multiple people who have key access to their own doorways. On top of that, there may be one or two superiors who also possess a key to those doorways and others on the property. This might make things a bit confusing. A master key system by NorthWest Locksmith Portland will make things simpler and more organized. 

Employees who have a key to their own office, will still have one key to their place. The superiors who once had a separate key to each room, now will need only one key to have access around the property for better key management. This key, known as the master key, can open one or more locks that are not keyed the same. No other key within the apartment or work place, will have the power of the master key.

Locksmith Portland Master Key system
Portland locksmith master key system

What it takes to construct a master key system

Master key systems can be extremely complex, involving multiple master, grand master, and sub master keys. What is the difference between a lock that has been master keyed and one that has not? The difference is that a master keyed lock will possess a master pin between each driver and key pin within the locking cylinder. 

Pins are tiny oval-like objects found underneath the springs. The Springs are located within the locking cylinder that the key brushes against when it is entered. You should not be too concerned about the security of your property after a master key system is done, as it enhances security.

To have a master key system performed on locking mechanisms in your property, you can contact a Portland locksmith. A professional who is certified, will have the knowledge and ability to complete the job properly. A professional such as NorthWest Locksmith Portland will possess the correct tools and knowledge in order to add the additional pins into the locking cylinder. Additionally, a professional commercial locksmith will be able to create new keys that will match the new locking cylinder.