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Locksmith Portland Stick N Find key trackerForgetting or misplacing the keys to your home, vehicle, or work place is very common among people. It is one of the easiest thing to do without even realizing you did so. Whether its a key your house or a key to your vehicle, a key would normally have small dimensions. Sometimes, when people forget keys at a public place, they can continue with their day for hours without even realizing they don’t have the keys with them.


Normally, a lost or misplace key situation will end with a costly result of calling the local locksmith in Portland for a lockout service to come and unlock the door of your home, business or vehicle. Sometimes, the cost will not end there. For peace of mind, many people prefer having a lock rekey or a lock change in a situation they lost of misplaced the key to avoid a stranger finding and using them to break into their home. Now, we have a solution for you! There are many types of key finders available in the market which would help you track down your keys in case you lost or misplaced them.


The Stick N’ Find key tracker is one of the higher tech trackers that are currently iPortland locksmith The Tile key findern the market. It act like a GPS to the keys when attaching it to ring or key chain that holds all your keys. Once it is part of your keys, all you need to do is download an up to your smartphone and use the app to track the signal coming from the tracker.

Another great tracker that was developed to work in a similar way is The Tile. It comes in a white tag form and can be easily attached to your key chain or ring without taking any space. The tag itself has a chip inside that provides GPS signal to track the location of the keys. Just like the Stick N’ Find, this one works with an app as well that you use to track the keys in case they were lost. In addition, the app will give you the option to share accessibility with your friends to join you in an effort of finding your keys.

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