Lock Rekey Portland


Lock RekeyTo be absolutely certain that your house locks are functioning correctly and that no one else has access to your home, you should have a lock rekey performed on all of the operational locks.


If you have just moved into a new home, ask the seller if they had the locks rekeyed after the previous tenant had moved out. If they say that they have not, then it is advised that you do have a lock rekey done as soon as possible for reasons of safety. When you change your residence, it is important to note that at the new place, the previous owners could have made any number of keys during their time there. These keys could have been used as spares or lending to friends and relatives. The point is that having the locks rekeyed to your new home so as to ensure that there is not a person who will be able to obstruct your privacy.


Maybe lost keys aren’t a large problem for you because you never lose your keys. Accidents do happen and our advice is that when they do happen, it is better to go through a short process in order to be safe rather than regret it later. No one knows where our missing keys go, otherwise they wouldn’t be lost! You don’t want to be too careful; maybe that missing key has been unknowingly dropped right on your doorstep or even accidentally left in the keyway to your home. Be smart! If you ever lose a key, have a lock rekey by a residential locksmith so that a different key will only be able to open the lock.


When it is necessary to have a lock rekey done 


It may not even need to be said, but if your home was broken into it is necessary to rekey each lock to your residence. Even if the burglar broke your window, they still could have tried to manipulate the locking mechanism initially. It is possible that your lock may not be functioning as it should each time because of them. A good idea for you may be to have a lock change and increase the grade of your locks. If you would like, you can ask a locksmith in Portland to install security features into your new rekeyed lock.


Lock RekeySome security features that a residential lock may possess are anti-picking and bump resistant properties. These lock features will make sure that a petty thief couldn’t gain access to your home without a lot of proficiency.


If you have been living at the same residence for half of a decade you should consider a lock rekey of your most utilized locks. Locks do wear out and become less functional when they are often used. If you want to maintain the secure feeling you have in your house with your family and belongings, have a  Portland locksmith rekey your locks soon.



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