What You Need To Know About Door Latch

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A door latch is a mechanism that ultimately attaches and allow detachment of the door to the door frame. There are many types of door latches that can be seen every day which vary in design, materials, and complexity of the mechanism. However, do not confuse a latch with a lock. a security lock mechanism is separate from the latch mechanism and has a different purpose.

Door latch of a deadbolt

One of the most secure and common type of a door latch that a Portland locksmith would recommend is a deadbolt. This type can often be found both on residential and commercial properties. It will usually consist of a large bolt that would be thrown into the strike plate in the door frame once its locked. These types are very secure as they can resist forced entry which will make the property safe and secure.

Locksmith Portland door latch
Portland locksmith deadbolt door latch

Spring loaded door latch

The second type is a spring latch which normally comes in different styles such as latch-bolts, spring bolt locks, and others. A latch-bolt will normally be an integral piece of a lock-set. The latch-bolt will be spring loaded in the lock-set which will create a contact with the strike plate once the door is closed and in return enable the bolt to retract. The bolt will be inside the strike plate when the door is closed only to be retracted when the lock-set handle or knob will be turned.

When picking a latch, be aware that many types are made by different materials such as plastic, aluminum, steel, and brass. Different types also accommodate different kind of doors when it comes to the door material and thickness. Before shopping for a new latch, consult with a residential locksmith regarding what will best compliment your door.

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