Key Tracker

Portland locksmith key tracker

Key Tracker A Solution For Losing Your Keys (503) 213-4656 Forgetting or misplacing the keys to your home, vehicle, or work place is very common among people. It is one of the easiest thing to do without even realizing you did so. Whether its for your house or for your vehicle, a key would normally […]

Door Latch

Portland locksmith door latch deadbolt

What You Need To Know About Door Latch (503) 213-4656 A door latch is a mechanism that ultimately attaches and allow detachment of the door to the door frame. There are many types of door latches that can be seen every day which vary in design, materials, and complexity of the mechanism. However, do not […]

Residential Security Locks

Portland locksmith residential security locks

Residential Security Locks (503) 213-4656 Just like anything in an old house, interior and exterior door locks should be replaced at some point as well. With millions of homes getting broken into every year in the country, refreshing the security door locks at home is something that should be done every few years. Not all […]

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