Commercial Lock Repair Portland

Commercial lock repair Portland locksmith

When Commercial Lock Repair Portland Is Needed (503) 213-4656 Commercial door locks are durable and reliable but just like most mechanical elements, they will not last a lifetime. However, it is reasonable to assume that different situations which may result in damage to a commercial door lock, will certainly reduce its expected lifespan. In such […]

Mortise Lock Repair Portland

Mortise lock repair Portland locksmith

When Would You Need Mortise Lock Repair Portland (503) 213-4656 Mortise locks are usually utilized on commercial properties because they have proven to be reliable and well put together in most recent decades of use. Due to their structural strength, they are commonly used upon door frames that must withstand a high degree of usage […]

Panic Bar Installation Portland

Locksmith Portland panic bar installation

The Importance Of Panic Bar Installation Portland (503) 213-4656 If you are a commercial property owner in need of a panic bar installation, it is best to call a commercial locksmith in Portland. A panic bar, also known as a crash bar, is an exit device on a doorway that makes leaving a building’s premises […]

Card Access Control Systems Portland

Locksmith Portland card access control systems

Security Benefits Of Card Access Control Systems (503) 213-4656 If you own a commercial property that often has multiple people employed, monitoring access is crucial. Some employees will enter rooms that possess data or valuables that require some sort of protection. It may surprise you to discover that there is a simple way to monitor […]

Safe Locksmith Portland OR

Safe locksmith Portland OR

Benefits Of Calling A Safe Locksmith Portland OR (503) 213-4656 Nowadays, sometimes, most people need to have some sort of extra protection for their valuables and belongings. Often, this comes in the form of a security lock box or a safe. These sturdy boxes, especially safes, are secured with locking mechanisms that are usually either […]

Do Not Duplicate Keys Portland OR

Do not duplicate keys Portland locksmith

Everything On Do Not Duplicate Keys Portland OR (503) 213-4656 On the off chance that you have in your possession keys to your business or place of work which has the stamp “Do Not Duplicate” on it, you may think about whether if it is really possible to have a copy of that do not […]